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Hey there! I'm Stephane!


I have always known that my perfect job after my professional basketball career would be one that involved passion, challenge, and hard work.  After 9 years of playing Internationally, I finally went for it.



It doesn't matter if you're young or old - you're ready to step your game up one level.  And I can provide you the necessary tools to reach your objectives.

You're looking for someone who knows the fundamentals to playing at the highest level; Someone who understands your frustration on the court when things are not going your way; And someone who can teach you how to elevate your individual basketball skills and CONFIDENCE in order to become an ELITE PLAYER.  

In sport, coaches always elaborate a specific plan to increase their chances of winning a competition.

​The same​ concept can be applied to anyone wanting to be successful in an activity.  It is from this simple and powerful idea that STRATEGIX HOOPS was created.  At strategix, we train athletes to their best and we shape a pattern in a stream of decisions so that there can be a clear understanding of where an athlete came from to where he is going.  We are not just interested in developing you on the court but off the court as well.  strategix hoops is a lifestyle.

I Help boys and girls reach their full potential so they can perform at their highest level.

I've spent the last 15 years of my life being a spunge and absorbing all the drills, exercises and advice from the best coaches in the game.  The best advice yet is: "No excuces, just get the job done!"  Figuring out this single one advice has made me not only a better player but a better person in life.

I started my basketball education at the age of 15 in a boarding school in the state of Virginia, US.  I barely spoke english and I had only played 1 year of street baskball.   I faced a lot of mental and physical challenges but through self-determination and perseverance, four years later, I graduated from high school and was honored with being named a parade 50 all american. I then followed my academic education and basketball at the University of Colorado, Boulder.  Once again I faced a steep road filled with obstacles and distractions.  I had to make a lot of life changing decisions that are affecting me still to this day.  By the time I graduated from my University, I had broken a few school record and was invited as a free agent to the lakers vet camp in Hawaii.  To my dismay, two months later, I was cut by Phil Jackson. Fortunately, that opened up for me a bright career in Europe.  I played one year in Turkey, one year in France and 7 years in Belgium.

In the summer of 2011, after reaching the final four of the eurocup, I underwent surgery on my knee.  Little did I know that it was going to change my life completely.  A simple surgery turned into a 12 month rehabilitation and caused me to doubt about the longevity of my career.  Indeed,  a lot of professionnal basketball players rarely made it back on the court.


I am happy to say today that I am back on the court playing again.  However, this long period of doubt and uncertainty has pushed me to think differently.


And to ask the question:  How can I contribute to others?

Clarity came quickly: I could help young and old athletes maintain a strong motivation and build a global confidence, teach them how to set goals and how to reach them, and coach them strong values so that success can be attained on and off the court.  A true evolution!

Want to see me in action or just ask me more questions?

Send me an email (it's totally free)

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