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I work with amateur and professional athletes, basketball clubs and organizations, and perform motivational speeches at seminars. My objectif is to help athletes and institutions discover their inner ability to be competent.  


Player development

How do you become the best you can be at an activity?

We help athletes develop into beter basketball player by improving their skills. Having a strategy and a vision is fundamental for building a strong game and for achieving high performance.


  • Push yourself out of your comfort zone

  • Establish your short and long term goals

  • Create a strong internal discourse 


Basketball camps

What should you be looking for in a basketball camp

The summer is usually a period of inactivity.  We believe that there is always time to improve even when you are having fun.  Our camps will provide you experience coaches to help you polish your skills.

  • Experienced coaches that can help you become better

  • Old and new friends in a fun atmosphere

  • Powerful energy that will keep you motivated 




Father and son workshop

How do you build strong confident in yourself?

Being a confident athlete is much more powerful then being only a skilled one.  It communicates strength, leadership and it allows you to perform better in difficult moment.  We invite both father and son to not only come and learn specific technics but to also share a special moment together.

  • You must encounter success

  • You must observe how others achieved succes

  • You must use a verbal persuasion

Key notes/speaker/personal coaching

"Because every child should be competent in at least one activity"



I truly believe that confidence (self-assurance) is an emotional state that can be developed and that can become permanent in a person's life.  It is only a matter of knowing how.  


Let me share with you through my own experienced stories how you can build confidence and be successful at anything you endeavor to do .  

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