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A place where memories are made that never leave a boys heart​​


The development of self-confidence in sport is a direct result of perseverance and a will to work hard.  The combination of these two qualities will enable a young athlete to experience success and to feel competent.  Unfortunately, this simple concept is often overlooked by parents and sometimes neglected by young coaches.  The results can be damaging.


Indeed, how many times have you seen a young athlete give up simply because he didn't feel good enough?  Or be so frustrated with an activity that he lost all of his motivation?  I know I have, and I keep seeing young athlete who lack confidence or proper guidance to keep going forward.  

In sports, Failure is part of the game but it can help you as long as you know how.  



This workshop is a great opportunity for a child to come and learn an area in sport that too many coaches dismiss.  The skill work and key notes  are designed to give both father and son drills and technics to take home and continue working on together



The workshop is also an event that focuses on strengthening the relationship of a father and a son. 


A limited number of spots are available and only 6 groups of father/son will be allowed.  Spots are based on a first come first serve basis.






​​The workshop will always start at 9:30 in the morning and end at ​4 pm.

During the day, we will explore the reason why great athletes are motivated and how they maintain it, we will learn how to commit to short and long term goals, and of course we will work on specific skill development on the basketball court..  

To Capture a Moment with your Son

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